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Shadow Walkers, revisited

A couple years ago, I directed a reading of this heartrending play by Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy. The writing leaped off the page with such immediacy — the talented cast and I knew we were working on something special.
Happy to report that Shaun has been revising this work in a Sheen Center residency, and we’ll workshop a new draft this spring.
(Public presentation, TBA!)



Directing a staged reading of a play I adore:


by Gina Femia

Crabman’s Grocery is closing and everything must go!
But head cashier Mo isn’t leaving without a fight, and the neighborhood has her back, kind of…



Monday March 4th at 7:00pm
in The Room at ART/NY
520 8th Avenue, 3rd floor

directed by Michele Travis

Asta Hansen*
Cary Hite*
Starr Kirkland
Marie-Elena O’Brien*
Patricia Randell*
Josh Adam Ramos
Sara Thigpen*

*member AEA

SAVINGS with New Georges

Had a terrific time with Gina Femia and our wonderful cast doing a staged reading of SAVINGS, Gina’s new play about the closing of a neighborhood supermarket.  Many thanks to Ramapo College and New Georges for giving us the opportunity to work on this play!

Berrie Center Event

(cast: Patricia Randell, Marie Elena O’Brien, Ren dSanti, Elise Santora, Matthew Trumbull, Matthew Barbot, Sara Minisquero)

savings1 savings2 savings3 savings5



LTR House Party





Had a terrific time with Less Than Rent Theatre at a reading of T(WO) TRAIN: to be in transiti(on) on October 16   —   it was a great opportunity to hear Tanya’s rewrite and work with an amazing cast!  Many thanks to LTR and Axis Theatre!

Broadway World 


Rule of 7 X 7

Directing MOON FALLS TO EARTH, a brand new short play by Gina Femia, featuring the amazing duo of Stacey Raymond and Leah Raymond!  Two performances on September 29th, on a bill with 6 other short plays at The Tank.