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I had an amazing time this month directing monologues for Pussyfest,
the extraordinary fundraiser/happening/party performance
to support Caps Lock Theatre!

Amy E. Witting, Kurt Stridinger, Brooke Ashley Eden, and Kari Bentley-Quinn
wrote for Kelli Lynn Harrison, Kelley Rae O’Donnell, Madeline Bundy,
and Kristen Krak, respectively, and it was a delight to work with all of them.

Mariah MacCarthy, Leta Tremblay and the whole Caps Lock team are terrific.

A+, would do again!



Shadow Walkers Reading

magic-timeI had a wonderful time directing a reading of SHADOW WALKERS by Shaun B. Fauntleroy at Judson Memorial Church last month!  This is a beautiful play, and the cast more than did it justice.

Thank you, CK Allen, Pun Bandhu, Patricia Randell, Nik Sadhnani, and Chandra Thomas!
(And Michele O’Brien knows that reading stage directions is an art!)